Full forest chalkboard wall

Guide by : Claire

How to create a full width chalkboard forest wall. Dimensions should be adjusted to fit your walls 

Full forest chalkboard wallsstep 1

Fall chalkboard wall 1

Measure the wall and break the wall into equal sections

step 2

Fall chalkboard wall 2

Clearly mark each section.

step 3

Fall chalkboard wall 3

Use stencil 1 from the stencil pack to set the baseline of the chalkboard area.

step 4

Fall chalkboard wall 4

Measure 130cm up from the baseline to create the top of the area.

step 5

Fall chalkboard wall 5

Now we need to find the centre of each section. In our example we are using 37.5 cm as our sections are 75cm wide. Measure the equivalent distance down from the top line. 

step 6

Fall chalkboard wall 6

Repeat for each section

step 7

Fall chalkboard wall 7

Take a pencil and a piece of string slightly longer than half the width of the section. Our section width is 75cm, halved is 37.5cm. Our string length is 40cm. Tie the pencil to one end and add blu tac to the other end.

step 8

Fall chalkboard wall 8

Press the blu tac on the centre point previously marked out and draw half a circle.

step 9

Fall chalkboard wall 9

Repeat for each section.

step 10

Fall chalkboard wall 10

Masking tape the base line of the area. The masking tape should on set on the outside of the baseline created in step 3.

step 11

Fall chalkboard wall 11

Fill the area with blackboard paint.

step 12

Fall chalkboard wall 12

Use the stencils to add the details.

step 13

Fall chalkboard wall 13

You can use the stencils in different ways to create different tree trunk heights and depth.

Wall stencil packs

Wall stencil pack

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