Low forest chalkboard wall

Guide by : Paul

How to create a low forest chalkboard wall. Dimensions should be adjusted to fit your walls.

Low forest chalkboard wall

step 1

Low chalkboard walls 1

Measure the area you are looking to transform.

step 2

Low chalkboard walls 2

Break the section into 3 parts, the sections can be different widths to create a visually playful area.

step 3

Low chalkboard walls 3

Plan out your trees. The trees don't need to sit centre of each section. Use the stencil guide to mark out your tree shapes. As we are creating a single block area the tree shapes should overlap on this occasion.

step 4

Low chalkboard walls 4

Fill the area with blackboard paint.

step 5

Low chalkboard walls 5

Add the stencils from the stencil pack to create the details.

step 6

Low chalkboard walls 6

Tape and fill in the area with paint between the base of the stencil and the skirting board.

step 7

Low chalkboard walls 7

You can use stencil 2A and 2B to change the tree trunks and the leaf stencil to add some details.

Wall stencil packs

Wall stencil pack

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