How to create a wall painted moon using just masking tape (no stencils required)

Guide by : Paul

Bring your child's bedroom walls to life with a simple painted Moon. Perfect for a space filled bedroom.

Things you'll need

Measuring tape
Flexible Masking tape Tesa 4319 Masking Tape for Curves 
Paint brush and roller
Small art brush
Picture/Pin nail
Small hammer

Step 01

Step one - Moon wall stencils

Mark your centre point on the wall. This guide works to a Moon 70cm in circumference. You'll just need to make sure you leave enough space between the Moon and the ceiling. Based on a wall height of 240cm, measuring up to 170cm and using this as a centre point will work well.   

Step 02

Step two - Moon wall stencils

We need to create a point for our string to pivot around. Tap a pin or picture nail into the centre pencil mark. Although we only need to temporary use the nail in this instances and it doesn't need to go deep into the wall, do make sure there isn't any cables or pipes in this area behind the wall before you start.

Step 03

Step three - Moon wall stencils

Create a loop in your string and tie it to the centre of the pencil. Tie the other end of the string to the nail.  

Step 04

Step four - Moon wall stencils

Holding the pencil straight against the wall draw your line in one motion. The string can stretch so keeping the pencil straight is important to complete the full circle. You can always rub out any lines that are slightly off. 

Step 05

Step five - Moon wall stencils

Your circle is now marked out.

Step 06

Step six - Moon wall stencils

Use the masking tape to tape the outside of the line. It's best to take your time with this and use one piece of tape to complete the circle.

Step 07

Step seven - Moon wall stencils

Once you've completed the circle you can go back around and press the tape into the wall to reduce bleed marks.

Step 08

Step eight - Moon wall stencils

Fill your Moon with the colour of your choice. We used off-white 02 by Lick. Take care when applying paint near the masking tape, we want to fill the area with paint, but we want to reduce bleed marks by not applying too much paint at once.

Step 09

Step nine - Moon wall stencils

Slowly peel the masking tape off when the paint is dry. You may have a few touch-ups. You can use an art brush to touch-up any small bleed marks. 

Step 10

Step ten - Moon wall stencils

Complete your moon with our space wall sticker set .

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