Iron on patch guide

Guide by : Claire
From Pea Iron one badge guide what you need

Step 01

Set the iron to the Cotton Setting (or 40 degrees) Do not use the steam function, use only the heat of the iron.

Step 02

Position your patch as you would like it.

Step 03 

Place the tea towel over the top of the patch and bag (or garment) - If using the bag be sure the tea towel fully covers the bag print to protect it during this process. Then hold the iron down firmly on top of the patch for 30 seconds.

Step 04

Turn over the bag (or garment) and iron from the reverse, again using the tea towel for protection. Press and hold for another 30 seconds, using only the heat of the iron (no steam).

Step 05

Allow to cool for 1 minute.

Step 06

Test the edges of the patch to see if any lift, If they do, you can repeat the process again to make sure it is in place securely.

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