Simply add a Treehouse or Forest House to a child's bedroom.

Guide by : Paul

This simple guide illustrates how to add a Treehouse or a Forest House to any kids adventure bedroom.

Painted Treehouse for a child's bedroom

Things you'll need

Measuring tape
Masking tape
Paint roller and tray

Painted Treehouse for a child's bedroom measurements

Step one

Decide on your centre point for your Tree/Forest House. This could form an area behind a bed, part of a reading nook or a creative work space.

Its a good idea to sketch out a plan of your wall to avoid getting too close to light sockets, windows or anything else that might get in the way.

Once you've decided on your centre point, mark a point at the top of the skirting board on the base of their wall.

Painted Treehouse for a child's bedroom

Step two

Measure 150cm upwards in a straight line from our base mark and add another mark on the wall. This is the top of our Tree/Forest house.

Treehouse step two

Step three

Return to the base point and measure 75cm right, add a mark. Again, return back to the centre and add an additional mark 75cm left of the centre mark.

Treehouse step three

Step four

Finally, measure 95cm in a straight line upwards from the far left base mark and add a mark. Move over to the far right side and measure 95cm upwards in a straight line and add a mark.

Treehouse step four

Step five

With all the anchor marks complete you can now tape the final shape. Keeping the masking tape straight and making sure it sits on the outside of the pencil marks created, start on the left-hand side and work across.

Note: It's best to extend the masking tape beyond the mark, overlapping the tape slightly.

Treehouse step five

Step six

You can now fill your Tree/Forest House with the colour of your choice. The number of coats required and drying time will vary. Please see paint specification for this information.

Painted Treehouse in kids bedroom

Step seven

Slowly peel away your masking tape to reveal your Tree/Forest House.

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Painted Trees in a kids bedroom

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