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Guide by : Paul

Our wall stencils have been designed to make it easy for grown-ups to transform a child’s bedroom walls. The below tips can be used alongside our wall stencil guide which can be found in the wall stencil pack.

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Plan your walls

At the back of the stencil guide, there is a blank page where you can draw your wall space where it can be useful to include any furniture or poster artwork you may be planning to place against the wall.

If you plan to place the trees around furniture such as a bed It can be useful to measure the height of the bed to be sure that when the bed, mattress and bedding are all beautifully in place, the tree you have created sits how you imagined it.

Tree size

The tree stencil guide comes with dimensions to create a single tree in a single size.

If you wish to adjust the width or height of a treetop you can do this by simply adjusting the dimensions.

Adjusting the height of a tree trunk allows for trees to be placed close to one another.

To do this, measure how high you want your adjusted height treetop to sit above the skirting board, and using Stencil 1 mark out your start line. Follow the steps through to ‘Fill with colour’, then skip ahead to ‘Adding the tree branches’, following the steps through to ‘Finishing touches’. To complete the tree, mark out the trunk using masking tape from the base of the treetop all the way down to the top of the skirting board and then fill with colour.

Transforming their world

You can use the wall stencil and guide to create anything from a single tree decorating a reading snug in the corner of the bedroom to a full forestscape across a feature wall giving you flexibility and freedom to create whatever you wish, transforming your child’s bedroom and inspiring their imagination.

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