3 Activity Ideas for Kids at Home over Easter

Published by : Claire

This was originally going to be a journal post about craft ideas for the Easter Holidays, but as the days blur into one in our new stay-at-home world, children will already have been off school for two weeks by the time the Easter Holidays would have begun.

At Pea we’ve been busy creating and sharing lots of activities to help keep your little ones entertained. For many families, you might be counting down the days until term would have finished so you can forget the pressures of home schooling for a couple of weeks. And for others, it may be important that structure is maintained for busy children. Whatever your needs we’re here to support you with fun and exciting free activities, with an Easter theme.

We’ve got together with some of our Pea friends to share 3 activities for you this Easter:

Child making a Pom Pom Garland by Emma Scott-Child - Pea

1. Fork Pompom Garland

First up is a Fork Pompom Garland from designer and founder of Ladyland art club, Emma Scott-Child, taken from her new book Quick Crafts for Parents Who Think They Hate Crafts.

Did you know that you can make a mini pompom with a fork? We love this because it is super quick and easy. Plus, you can make them in your little one’s favourite colours to match your Treetops or Enchanted Forest bedroom.

There are some amazing wool colours available online which you can order and have safely delivered to your home. We especially love Simple Wool by Happy Sheep.

We’ve chosen to use Cerulean (08), Dusty Rose (14) and Lavender (09). But also love Grey (04), Cobalt (10), Navy (11), Teal (36) and Mustard – all of which would look amazing in a Pea bedroom.

How to make a PomPom Garland
Chocolate Egg recipe

2. Chocolate Refrigerator Egg Recipe

Next we have a super easy recipe from Jo Pratt, cook, food stylist, TV presenter, founder of The Gorgeous Kitchen, and author of 6 acclaimed recipe books.

Jo first met our Co-founder Claire when she appeared as a guest chef on the food shows Claire produced for ITV. Jo’s recipes are always super simple, well tested meaning you can trust them to work every time, and they are incredibly tasty. We have all of Jo’s books and cook from them regularly including.

Keep your eyes peeled for Jo’s new book The Flexible Family cookbook, out later this year, filled with simple and delicious recipes perfect for the whole family.

These tasty chocolate eggs are easy and fun for children to make for Easter and what’s even better is that they don’t use flour or eggs which we know are particularly difficult to get hold of in supermarkets at the moment.

Plus, they can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks. Just make sure you keep hold of an empty egg carton or two to sit them in!

Chocolate egg recipe
Easter Bunny Snap card game

3. Adventure Club Bunny Snap

Last but by no means least, we have an Easter themed Adventure Club activity for you inspired by our bunny rabbits that bounce freely around the Enchanted Forest.

We’ve created a classic game of snap with a bunny twist.

Print our deck of bunny rabbit themed snap playing cards and cut them out. Shuffle the cards, deal them equally, and starting with the youngest player quickly turn over your cards one at a time, until you shout “snap”. The winner is the one left with the most cards at the end. Who will be the first to spot a matching pair of bunny rabbits?
Play Bunny Snap

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