Wall print collage kids activity

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An activity for children to get creative with arts and crafts, cutting, sticking and building collages. An activity even grown-ups might enjoy themselves.

Flower and Star collage

Things you'll need

White cardΒ 
Coloured card or magazines

step one children's collage print

Step one

Take your first piece of card or paper and draw out your shape. We've provided a bolt, flower and star template if you wish to print this off and use as a guide.

Shape templates

step two children's collage print

Step two

Cut out your shape.

step three children's collage print

Step three

Place the sheet of card with your cut out on top of another single piece of card and lightly draw inside the shape of your cut out.

step four children's collage print

Step four

Remove the top sheet with the cut out and place it to the side.

step four children's collage print

Step five

Cut out shapes from coloured card or magazines and begin to stick them down inside your penciled shape. You'll want to make sure the collage shapes go over the edges of the pencil line. When you place your top sheet back on top, you won't be able to see any overlaps or edges.

step five children's collage print

Step six

You can check how you collage is starting to look by laying the cut out sheet over the top. Simply continue adding interesting shapes and colours, building your collage up until the area is filled.

Collage prints for children

Finally stick or simply place the top sheet into position ready to be framed for the walls.

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