Bedding to inspire imaginations from Pea

Published by : Paul

At Pea, we create imagination inspiring cotton bedding that takes children on adventures.

Children have boundless curiosity but their adventures have had lockdown limitations. Our bedding designs can transport children to imagined worlds and feed their appetite for adventures. A passport to a world beyond their bedrooms. A passport for dreamers. At Pea our focus isn't grown-up armchair explorers, but rather, it’s all about little dreamworld explorers.

Everyone can be an adventurer, no matter how big or small, and the beauty is you don’t have to travel beyond your home, or even beyond your bedroom to feed that spirit. Adventures come from curiosity. They come from stories. And with the right inspiration, children’s imaginations. Which is why our bedding sets act as story-starters designed to transport children into imaginary worlds. Unfolding adventures around the room as our interactive wall stickers and playful prints bring bedroom walls to life, encouraging children to dream of exploration.

As british adventurer Alastiar Humphrey said “in ordinary times it feels vital to feed kids’ imaginations. So in these mad times.. encouraging young people to dream of adventure is a really good starting point for urging them to live and think more adventurously”.

Our Pea worlds are made for dreamers:

Space kids bedroom

To The Moon (coming soon)

We all know the story of the moon landing and the names of the astronauts who took the giant leap for mankind. Yet in a stay-at-home life that’s been spent staring at screens, it’s easy to forget there's a whole universe to be explored in the night sky. Star gazing is the perfect excuse to get the whole family outdoors and lying back in the garden together. All you need to do is to wrap up your aspiring astronauts in their space bedding and as tired eyes close, their dreams can send them To the Moon.

Forest kids bedroom

Treetops & Enchanted Forest

If you’re curious, you can have adventures anywhere. Lockdown has shown us that even by simply exploring somewhere locally you’ve never been before, such as following a new-found forest path, you become an explorer. Keep little eyes peeled for wildlife and perhaps climb up into the trees for an aerial view. Once fresh air and exercise have done their job, you can tuck up your tiny trekkers under their Enchanted Forest or Treetops duvet, as they close their eyes and dream of cosy forest shelters.

What adventure should we go on next? We’re busy imagining a new world and we’d love to hear your ideas.

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