Campfire cooking - imagination led play

Published by : Paul

Imagination and imaginative play sits at the heart of Pea. We know when children use their imagination in play they are developing crucial psychological and emotional capacities, learning to solve problems and developing new ways of looking at the world around them. This week's Adventure Club activity we've taken a pile of sticks and an old postal box and turned it into a campfire for some outside imaginative play.

Things you'll need

Paints for the campfire (Yellow, Orange)
Paints for the pan, flowers and leaves (Colours of your choice)
Paint brushes 
Cardboard sheets (Cut up postal box)
Glue (optional)

Step one (Building your campfire)

Pea sticks

Collect your sticks and cut any to size that need adjusting.

Step two

Cut your sticks to size

Start with the Yellow paint.

Step three

Paint your sticks yellow

Leave each stick to dry. 

Step four

Paint your sticks orange

Once the Yellow paint has dried you can then add the Orange to finish.

Step five

Stack your campfire logs

Once the Orange paint has dried you can then stack your campfire logs.

Step six

Sheets of cardboard

Take your cardboard sheets to build the pan, flowers and leaves.

Step seven

Draw out your pan, flowers and leaves using the template

If you're using our template provided below, simply print it out and place the cut out shapes onto the cardboard, draw around the shapes on the card and cut them out. For the pan we doubled up the layers and glued them together for a bit of extra strength. You can draw your shapes directly on to the cardboard if you're not using our template. 

Pan template

Step eight

Paint your pan, flowers and leaves using the template

Paint your pan, flowers and leaves in the colours of your choice.

The campfire is now complete

Wooden painted campfire and pan

pea journal