Design and make a tree character

Published by : Paul

This is a simple creative activity when we can't get outside.

Things you'll need

A sheet(s) of card
Scissors (Grown-up supervision) 
Masking tape  

Step one

Take a single piece of card and draw the shape of your tree in the centre. Although trees are beautifully intricate in the natural world we want to use simple shapes for our tree characters. (Straight lines may be easier for younger children, an older child may want to incorporate a simple curve.)

Tree character step 01

Step two

Masking tape around the edge of your pencil shape. 

Tree character step 02

Step three

Fill your shape with colour and brush marks. We want to keep the paint inside the masking tape lines. It's ok if it goes on to the masking tape. We just want to avoid the paint going to the outside area. (If your little one likes to paint like Jackson Pollcock, you can always cover the outer area with some card.)

Tree character step 03

Step four

Grab yourself a snack, go and play and leave your tree character to dry. When the painted area is dry carefully peel the tape away to reveal the shape.

Tree character step 04

Step five 

With a pencil draw a simple line from the bottom of your tree shape to create truck . 

Tree character step 05

Step six 

With a pencil draw in some eyes. Maybe your tree is looking up in the sky or over to the side. Pick where you'd like to put them and simply add two small dots with the pencil. 

Tree character step 06


We'd love to see your creations. Tag us with @from_pea on instagram. 

Tree character step 07
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