Design your flag

Published by : Paul

Each home is a castle and this week's Adventure Club activity is about celebrating the castles we've been tucked away in. This activity can be kept simple with just colouring pens and pencils or the craft box can make an appearance alongside old magazines to transform your blank flag. We've provided a simple flag template that can be printed off and cut out as a guide.

Flag template

Pea design your flag

Things you'll need

Colouring pencils 
Coloured paper (optional) 

Old magazines (optional) 
Glue (optional)
Crafty bits (optional)

Keeping it simple

If you want to keep this activity simple, you can create a flag with just pencils and colouring pens/pencils.

Stepping it up

If you have a house full of crafty bits and old magazines you can step the flag designs up and add in some cutting and sticking from coloured cards and old magazines alongside anything else that can be found in the craft box.

Flying your flag

When the flag is finished, it's time to fly it! You can make this part two of the activity and rally or maybe drag the team out for an adventure walk, where you can look for a thin stick (if you don't already have one) to attach the flag to. If you don't have a stick or a thin piece of wood, you can always tape the flag to the inside of the window.

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