Four Thousand Peas in a Pod

Published by : Claire

Pea launched early last summer, and with it came The Adventure Club, a free community for children where they can find activities to get creative. Over the last 9 months, we’ve shared games, treasure hunts drawing activities, cooking recipes, creative writing story starters and lots more ideas to keep children engaged both outside and in throughout the school holidays.

Unexpectedly, as parents we’ve found ourselves isolated in our stay-at-home worlds. Overnight we’ve had to engage and educate our children 7 days a week. So, at Pea we’ve been busy creating and sharing lots of activities to help keep your little ones entertained during this time.

We’ve always believed that connecting with nature does something transformative to children. It calms and excites. It inspires and restores. Something that has never been more important than during these uncertain times.

Playing in nature makes children happier and healthier. Even without outside space, studies have shown that just looking a picture of nature can have wellbeing benefits.

So, this week we launched an initiative to get help encourage children all over the UK to reconnect with nature, offering free pea seeds for them to sow and grow by joining The Adventure Club Peas are perfect to plant right now and given there are microbes in the soil that can stimulate serotonin production, getting mini gardeners growing their own helps make them feel relaxed and happy.

You don’t even need a garden or outside space. Peas can easily be grown in a window box or a pot in your home. And we couldn’t think of anything more exciting for children to eat their very own homegrown peas this summer.

We thought offering free pea seeds was an exciting idea to help families take up gardening together as a new hobby and it seems you did too!

Over 4,000 people signed up in 24 hours.

We’ve been so blown away by the incredible and unexpectedly high uptake that that we have had to temporarily pause our free pea seed promotion.

Thank you to everyone who has joined The Adventure Club so far.

As a small business during these times, we are personally packing pea seeds using stringent procedures so they will take a little longer than expected to be fulfilled. Thank you for your patience whilst we work our way through your orders.

We will reopen membership once we have met current demand. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @from_pea to make sure you are the first to hear the news when we do.

From Claire & Paul

Please note this is a UK only promotion and only one pack is available per household.

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