How to make a banner for a child’s bedroom or playroom.

Published by : Paul
Things you'll need to make a letter banner from Pea

Making banners is a great activity for children on rainy days or for adults just wanting to create a little personal touch to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Maybe as a grown-up you want to create some inexpensive birthday bunting, add a personal touch to a nursery or just want to let Santa know where to leave the presents.

Step 1

Take a sheet of A4 coloured felt and fold in half, aligning the corners and edges.

Measure the sheet and mark top, middle and bottom and draw a line and cut to size, our banners are approx 11.4cm wide, or simply fold the sheet in half again, making sure all edges and corners are aligned and press firmly. Then unfold back one step and cut along the crease line you’ve created.

Step 2

Cut the wooden rod/stick to size, 13.5cm wide. (This may require a grown-up)

Step 3

Fold the banner in half, place the wooden rod/stick at the top and glue together.

Step 4

We used self adhesive felt for this stage. These sheets have felt on the front and a paper backing. You could use regular felt sheets, it may just be a little more tricky and requires a bit more sticking, but perfectly achievable if this is what is in the cupboard.

Draw your letter and/or shapes on the paper side of the felt, these will need to be drawn backwards so that when cut out they appear correctly.

Backwards letter P Letters and shapes from Pea

You can draw these straight onto the felt or alternatively you can draw these onto a piece of card first the correct way around and cut these out. These can then be used as templates to draw around on the felt (just be sure to turn these backwards when drawing around them).

Step 5

Stick your designs into place.

Step 6

Tie your string to the ends of the wooden rod/stick and you now have your finished banner.


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