How to make a den sign

Published by : Paul

We often discover wild dens when out on adventure walks. We all explore, play and add to these dens over time. This week's adventure club activity we are making den signs, letting others know who's stopped by to visit.

Things you'll need

Saw (Step 1 requires a grown-up) 
Drill (Step 2 required a grown-up) 
Paint brushes

Make a den sign step 7

Step 1 - Grown-up required

To begin take your log and make a cut (approximately the same width as a thick slice of bread).

Make a den sign step 1

Step 2 - Grown-up required

Drill a small hole towards the top, this is where we will feed our string tie through at the end.

Make a den sign step 2

Step 3 - Kids takeover

Now you can start to bring the den sign to life.

Make a den sign step 3

Step 4

Add your design. This could be a pattern, symbol or an initial

Make a den sign step 4

Step 5

Once your sign is dry you can cut your string. (Approximately 30cm)

Make a den sign step 5

Step 6

Feed your string through the hole and tie the ends together.

Make a den sign step 6

Step 7

Add your name to the back of your den sign.

Make a den sign step 7

Your den sign is now complete.

Take your den sign on your next adventure walk

Next time you're on an adventure walk and come across a wild den, you can leave your personal sign for others to see. You can then pick it back up on the way back.

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