How to sow peas

Published by : Paul

Grow your own peas

Growing and tending to plants helps little ones learn about where food comes from. You don’t need to have a garden or outside space. All you need is some seeds and a pot or window box. These peas grow in long pods and are exceedingly sweet. They can be eaten fresh and are suitable for home freezing.

It takes 12-16 weeks for your peas to grow from sowing to harvesting.

How to sow peas guide

Growing your peas in the garden

To grow your pea seeds in a garden, dig and rake the soil then make a shallow 15cm wide v-shaped trench in a straight line.

Then sow the seeds directly into the soil at a depth of 5cm, with 5cm between each seed. Peas grow best in a sunny position.

Support the plants as they grown with bamboo canes or stakes.

Growing your peas in a pot

If you’re growing peas in a pot or window box, make sure it has drainage holes and measures at least 30cm across. Fill the container with soil leaving space at the top. Space the seeds 5cm apart, and 5cm deep beneath the soil.

Water in thoroughly and cover with compost. Pot-grown peas require more water than garden-grown peas, so keep an eye on the plant to make sure it isn’t too dry and water regularly.

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