Inspire their imaginations with 'make your own' adventure maps

Published by : Paul

Nature is one of the greatest inspirations for imagination. Naturally as a child a fallen tree has to be balanced on and walked along and any dens stumbled upon must be explored. This simple activity uses those moments to inspire children's imaginations.

On a nature walk, encourage them to take note of what they see and plant some seeds. A cattle grid could be an exotic snake pit that needs to be navigated around. A fallen tree a bridge to the other side, don't fall off! A still lake guarded by a sleeping dragon. 

Take photos of the things that they see.


After the walk share the photos with the children and continue the conversation of what these could be and what these might look like on an adventure map.


Take an A4 piece of paper and fold it up. Then begin to draw an adventure map with what they have imagined and create the story.


Don't forget to tag and share your creations with us at @from_pea We love to see what you've created.

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