Let's make a space theme bedroom!

Published by : Paul

Countdown to ignition in 5...4...3...2...1... BLAST OFF – To the Moon!

Our spaced themed bedroom sets have won Silver at this year’s Junior Design Awards. Let’s go on the biggest adventure of all time, as we share how to make a space theme bedroom for your little intergalactic explorers.

We’ll show you our favourites from the collection, some creative ideas to inspire you – and even spacewalk you through the best colours to paint with.

Plan your space theme bedroom

ALERT! Before we pick up our paint brushes and get into it, we have to go over some boring stuff first.

We promise it won’t take long, though.

You’ve got to think about logistics; where’s the little astronaut going to sleep while their bedroom is being decorated? And think about what items of furniture you can keep for this space mission – will what you have now need painting to match the new space theme, or will you need to get some new stuff?

Where will everything in the bedroom go, and what will it look like when it’s finished? Okay – the boring part’s over. Now, we can start to think of how we want our space theme bedroom to look and work. It’s time to design the bedroom, with all the features we want – so get some paper and pens, and bring your best ideas out. But what if you’re feeling a bit stuck?

Get inspired

Rule number one: ask the astronaut (your child, that is) what they want FIRST!

Even if their ideas are a little, um – out of this world – you’ll be able to manage expectations with some examples from Pinterest and Google Images.

What’s their favourite thing about space? Is it the moon, the stars or the planets?

Do they love rockets and spaceships, or the idea of exploring the galaxy and finding strange new worlds?

Your child is going to be the biggest source of inspiration. Take their ideas and find ways to make them practical and fun. You might have to get creative; but that’s what this whole journey is all about.

Paint colours for a space theme bedroom

Moon paint guide

Colours for your space theme bedroom are all down to personal preference – and even the deep black of space is lit up with all the colours of the rainbow.

When you buy a Pea bedding set, you unfold adventure. Our free paint guides offer an easy way to create a versatile and eye-catching mural on your child’s bedroom wall.

Follow our free step-by-step guide instructions on how to paint a moon on the wall guide.

You can choose the position, size and colours to suit your child, making each space bedroom totally unique.

We’ve worked in partnership with Lick as the paint for our space collection, choosing calming and contrasting colours Blue 06 for the night sky and White 02 for the full moon.

Lick paints are hard wearing, suitable for multiple surfaces and satisfying to apply, with great coverage and rich pigments.

We think dark colours like these work well as the main feature, with light accents. If your child’s favourite colours are much brighter tones, we also love: Pink 03, Purple 01, Green 09, and Teal 03 as options too.

Don’t believe the hype about dark colours making rooms feel small or heavy –when used on one or two walls, they can have the exact opposite effect. Dark, contrasting colours can make one side of a room feel infinitely bigger, while lighter shades pull focus.

Graphite, anthracite and slate colours are modern space theme bedroom colours that will make prints and decorations (like galaxies, planets and wall stickers) really pop off the walls.

We love Grey 01 and Grey 08 for this.

To keep lines around skirting, door frames and opposing walls nice and sharp, try using Frog Tape, or Tesa masking tape for more delicate surfaces.

Read more: Best masking tape for sharp lines when painting

Space wall stickers

Space wall stickers

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to decorate! Use some restickable space wall stickers to add a fun space scene and bring walls to life. Made from a special low tack vinyl, they can be removed and reapplied again and again without damage.

They’re not permanent so you can sit back and let your kids be creative with their stickers as they bring their galaxy to life and imagine a different space adventure every time.

Perfect if you need a temporary decorative solution, or if they change their minds later.

If more painting sounds like a little too much right now, how about a piece of interplanetary artwork instead?

This solar system wall print names all the planets in order from the sun – the perfect map for choosing where to take the spaceship next.

Space wall art

Or some launchpad typography to inspire space adventures.

Space bedding

No space theme bedroom would be complete without space bedding and our award-winning, premium, 100% cotton percale children’s bedding is the cosiest, cutest way to dream among the stars.

Our To the Moon design is reversible, with planets and stars on the other side, so your sleepy little space explorer can choose their off-world venue for bedtime.

Make a bedroom they’ll love

Make them an extra planetary space bedroom they’ll love. Discover To the Moon – our space theme bedroom collection, and start designing a little universe of imagination. Just another thing to help you sleep at night – from Pea.

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