Make an Enchanted Forest bedroom

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Adventure in the forest, exploring high and low. So much to discover, which way will you go?

Bring their dreams to life and make an enchanted forest bedroom – full of bunnies, birds, owls and fantastic creatures. See what you can find when you enter this land of wonder: can you spot the dragon's tail and its glistening egg? Or how about our favourite character, the warrior princess? Can you see her standing strong and brave, guarding the castle with her sword?

If your little one is a fan of all things magical, mysterious and mythical, then an enchanted forest bedroom is going to light their imagination on fire. Let’s show you how to make an enchanted forest bedroom all of your own, with favourites from our collection and a little inspiration straight from nature.

Plan your enchanted forest bedroom

Okay – just like we did with our space theme bedroom guide, we’ve got to cover some boring stuff first before we get to the good bit. But just like any good adventure, this one starts with answering a call… It’s just that, in this case, the call arrives as a couple of logistical questions.

Figure out where your little forest pixie is going to sleep, and where all their stuff is going to go while their bedroom gets transformed. And are you going to change their flooring, too? If so – make it the last item on your decoration checklist (or at the very least, do it after the paints have been put away!).

What’s the final room layout going to look like? Will there be space for everything you want to add – or will you have to take some furniture or toys out? You’ll also need a list of paints, furniture, details and decorations: but to get that, you’re going to need some inspiration.

Finding inspiration: it’s right under your nose!

Even as parents, we like our own ideas a lot, and tend to run with them. Your child has other ideas, though. Better ideas.

We don’t always know best, even if age and experience try to tell us otherwise. You see, even the most creative adult among us holds back when it comes to creative bedroom ideas. Children don’t have that problem. It’s unabashed, unchained freedom and creativity that drives them. Your biggest inspiration is right under your nose.

Okay, some of your child’s ideas might be a little outside of the realms of possibility, and straight out of a fairy tale. That’s okay – it’s your job to engineer a solution or a compromise, but one that keeps it fun and interesting for them.

And remember, it’s their bedroom, so at least let them make a few of the decisions.

Ask them what kind of animals and creatures they think live in the enchanted forest. Fairies, unicorns – dragons? Or maybe they could draw their own idea of a brand-new magical creature.

Make it a story

Did you know that all of our bedroom collections are part of one big story? And the first chapter in the tale is the Enchanted Forest.

Why not tell your own stories of the Enchanted Forest through imaginative play? Find the elusive dragon’s egg, and wake a sleeping, fire-breathing giant – before being rescued by the warrior princess. Create that magic at home by bringing the story to life their bedroom.

Where the classic tropes of toadstools and tiny doors feel a little bit overdone, play exposes the real adventure that all children crave. Make it even richer, by taking it outside – and drawing inspiration from nature itself.

Go for a walk – take some pictures

If you’re lucky enough to live near a forest or a park with lots of trees, go and take a family walk together. Make it a game – a big adventure, imagining the creatures living among the trees. Where might they sleep and what would their homes look like?

Take pictures of elements that capture your child’s attention and ask which colours they like from the ones they can see.

Collect stuff, like leaves, pinecones, and sticks. Get creative with them when you get home, or right there on your walk, arranging them into a miniature bedroom for an imaginary forest creature or a favourite toy.

Of course, there’s always Pinterest, which does have some very lovely ideas on it, but all of this play will spark your ideas in a way that scrolling through Pinterest never could.

And if you need a little more inspiration – we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about colours, decorations and bedding, with inspiration from our collection.

Paint colours for an Enchanted Forest bedroom

Picking paints is highly subjective – and not everyone will love the same colours. But we think that misty, earthy tones and splashes of colour work best to create an atmospheric yet relaxing bedroom.

Farrow and Ball colours

Try Sulking Room: a muted Rose Pink with a soft and powdery feel that pops against deep blues.

Girl putting up wall stickers in bedroom

Hague Blue is deep and mysterious, with the feel of a dramatic sky at the dawn of an adventure, and the epic depth of a shadowy forest.

Or how about Blue Ground – happy and upbeat, exuberant and youthful. It’s the perfect accent colour that helps draw out the greens in a moody, magical enchanted forest bedroom.

Child putting up wall stickers

If your child is a lover of all things purple, Farrow & Ball’s Calluna is a muted lilac, inspired by nature. It can be contrasted against their deeper Brassica, to create more warmth and bring out deeper tones.

The paints will do a lot of the work when it comes to mood-setting, but what goes on the wall after is what’ll make it magical. Read our guide, How to create a wall painted tree using just masking tape (no stencils required), for a simple and fun way to add depth and character – and get creative with your painting.

If you’d rather not let your little ones loose with the paints, but still want to give them some creative license in their bedroom, our Enchanted Forest wall stickers are bound to be a hit. Mess-free, loads of fun –and they’re restickable!.

Enchanted forest wall stickers

Even in combination with creative splashes of paint, children’s wall stickers add more fun to the walls. Children can use the stickers to tell their own stories, reimagining their creations again and again, for a different story every time.

Rabbit and Owl wall stickers

They’re super fun and easy to use, plus they won’t damage the walls they’re stuck to. Our Enchanted Forest wall stickers and Treetops wall sticker sets mix and match well, too.

Wall art

Unicorn lovers, rejoice! When it comes to these magical (and very real) creatures, our wall art portrays everything that we love most about them; their horns, their colour, their spirit – their sass.

Check out this totally unique unicorn poster, and let it become the springboard for bedtime stories about meeting a unicorn in the enchanted forest.

Unicorn, typographic poster

Or strut into bedtime, with this sassy little print – in perfectly powerful pink.

Colourful Unicorn Poster

Here’s another one for unicorn lovers: new to our collection, this pink unicorn poster radiates a calm confidence over the whole enchanted forest.

Forest theme bedding

Our Enchanted Forest bedding set goes hand in hand with our Tree bedding from the Treetops collection – giving you two reversible options to change into.

Our forest theme bedding sets are Made with 100% percale cotton – and a high quality 200 thread count weave that’s lightweight and breathable. We’ve used the best possible digital fabric printing available, for brighter colours, superior wash fastness, and the softest touch.

So not only will your enchanted forest theme bedroom look fantastic, it’ll also be the cosiest place to fall asleep.

Bring their dreams to life

Make them a bedroom they’ll love. Wander through our Enchanted Forest theme bedroom collection and build a magical world of imagination. Just another thing to help you sleep at night – from Pea.

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