Paper cut-out adventure art

Published by : Paul

An arts and crafts activity for children to get creative. Cutting, sticking and creating cut-out art. We've created three simple templates to choose from. 

Things you'll need

Coloured paper 

Paper cut-out art

We've created three designs you can simply print off and begin creating.

Paper cut-out templates

Step 1

Paper cut-out art - stage 1

Select the colour of your background paper. It's always good to choose a colour that will stand out against your cut-out elements.

Step 2

Paper cut-out art - stage 2

Select a sheet of coloured paper or card and place the sheet in the printer. Print the template at A4 size. Once your template sheet has printed out, begin cutting out the elements. 

Step 3

Paper cut-out art - stage 3

Build your paper cut-out artwork up. You can print the same design several times with different coloured pieces of paper to mix up the design. 

Step 4

Paper cut-out art - stage 4

Stick the cut-out elements in place when you're happy with the position.


Paper cut-out art - stage 4

Now you can frame your artwork to hang in your adventure bedroom.


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