Pea X CBeebies, at The Big Feastival

Published by : Paul

What do Mr Tumble, Andy (from The Oddsocks), Simon Pegg and Laura Whitmore all have in common? They’ve all shared the stage with Pea – at The Big Feastival 2022!

Pea was at The Big Feastival – an annual family festival held on Alex James' idyllic Cotswolds farm. We spent the whole three days at this amazing event, with our very own merch stand. Needless to say, we had an absolute blast!

But the best bit? Well, that was having our bedding featured in the Cbeebies Bedtime Stories tent. That’s where a feast of celebrities and children’s TV stars – like Justin Fletcher and Andy Day – gave readings of some brilliant stories to the packed tent, while all the families and little ones snuggled down cosily on Pea bedding sets.

Mr Tumble

Before the Bedtime Stories stage opened to festival goers each evening, we set up our super soft, snuggly bedding all around the tent. The audience had their pick from our To The Moon space bedding set, our Enchanted Forest bedding set – and our current celebrity favourite, the Treetops bedding set.

To make things even cosier, we put out some extra blankets and some soothing night lights – but as any CBeebies fans know, bedtime stories with the likes of Mr Tumble and Andy are always going to be a ton of fun, no matter how snuggly you are!.

Add some big-name celebrities to the mix (hello Simon Pegg and Laura Whitmore!), and it was a super exciting time – for the little ones and the adults..

Mr Tumble

By the time it was all over, we fell asleep happy and content. Because to us, this is what childhood’s all about.

Actually, it’s what life's all about; making memories with the ones you love most. Spontaneity, imagination, adventure, stories… These are the very things that we at Pea put into everything we do.

When Claire and Paul started out, the whole idea was to take bedtime stories beyond the page – and go deeper into the imaginations and personalities of children. We wanted to bring that personality and creativity out into their bedrooms, and let their imaginations do what they do best.

Watching all sorts of different families enjoying our bedding sets at the CBeebies tent, and letting their imaginations take over, was like watching our whole passion and purpose come to life.

We are so, so proud to have had our bedding featured in these live CBeebies Bedtime Stories – and we’ll always be thankful to the CBeebies team for being a part of the show.

We made lots of friends at The Big Feastival – and hope to be back again for some more adventures into the imagination.

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