Pea X Ecologi – Climate Action Contribution

Published by : Paul

If we want our kids to sleep well at night, we’d better give them a world to wake up to. That’s why Pea has partnered with Ecologi – to plant a brand-new tree for every single order you make with us.

Ecologi works with big brands like Vodafone, with growing companies like Pea, and with individuals just like you – to make carbon offsetting and emissions reduction easier.

We’re one of over 38,000 Ecologi members making a difference to the future of the planet.

Ecologi has made 53.8 million extra trees possible and has helped the world avoid 2.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions – through trusted schemes with measurable results.

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But why are we getting involved?

Well, we have lots of reasons. And the biggest one is our acknowledgement that businesses, big and small, have to take responsibility for the world we’ll leave behind for our kids.

Earth is not invincible

Nature is powerful. Not just for its storms and earthquakes, or the awe-inspiring landscapes it carves over millions of years. It’s powerful for the effect it has on us.

Just being out in the open-air calms us, inspires us, and restores us. Being outside in nature has a transformative effort on children, and their imaginative play. And when kids spend time outdoors, they sleep better at night.

Plus – if it wasn’t obvious from our kids’ bedding designs – we love adventures in the great unknown (usually in places with lots of trees).

But despite its power, nature is fragile.

The systems that govern our climate and ecosystems, the food we eat, and the water we drink – they’re all under threat. So is the very air that we breathe.

We have a choice; we either continue to damage an already bruised planet, or we take action to protect it.

We chose action.

What does planting more trees do to help?

Every time you buy a product, from anywhere, you’re also buying the carbon output of it.

That’s all the energy it took to:

  • Grow or mine the raw material
  • Refine the raw materials
  • Manufacture the parts Store, package, and deliver each part
  • Assemble everything
  • Get everyone to and from work to make everything
  • Power all the computers for sales, marketing, advertising…
  • Travel to get to you

That’s not a complete list – but you get the idea. Every step in making a product has a carbon cost, not just the delivery.

Carbon emissions are what we’re up against in our fight against climate change. And right now, our best option to reclaim the carbon that we as a species pump out, is to store it in trees…

For the last hundred years or so, we humans haven’t just been eating food made of carbon and breathing out carbon – we’ve burning fuels that send huge quantities of it into the air.

This causes the greenhouse effect – a process that scientists think got so out of hand, that it killed the planet next door Venus.

But forests are magical places. And probably their best magic trick is how they extract carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the bodies of trees.

Trees and many other plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen; the opposite of what people and animals do. With energy from the sun, they turn carbon into sugar, giving the trees food to grow new branches and leaves.

The bigger the tree gets; the more carbon is locked away inside it – and the less there is in the air. And the more trees there are, the more carbon can be continuously absorbed.

We only borrow the world

One day, we’ll hand this planet over to our children. And we want it to be in better shape than we found it. That’s why we’re proud to work with Ecologi, and to plant a new tree for every order you place with us.

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