Pea x YesColours – Bold Meets Beautiful

Published by : Paul

We’re positively tickled pink to be working with YesColours – the UK’s most exciting paint brand. Together, we’ve created a unique set of colour combinations that match Jungle Crossing, our wild range of kids bedding and bedroom accessories.

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Our Co-founder Claire loved YesColour’s eye-popping vivid hues from the moment she saw them, and knew they’d be the perfect pairing for Jungle Crossing. Together with Emily, YesColour’s Colour Consultant, they went Live to explore different colour schemes for our latest jungle bedroom theme. They talked about the joy of colour, how it inspires creativity, and the vibrant, happy colour combinations that work so well with Pea’s kids bedding and bedroom accessory designs.

👉 Discover the perfect colours for a jungle bedroom

Colours to pair with Jungle Crossing accessories

Our jungle themed bedroom accessories are super bold and vibrant. The paint pairings would have to match the energy and feel, without being overwhelming or out of step. And YesColours have done a fantastic job with these combinations.

The colours are all beautiful in their own right – with a careful blend of playful tones that never take away from the boldness and bravery of our designs. It's such a perfect match, and we’re really excited to see them get used for real.

Let’s explore the combinations…

Nothing connects us to nature more than these two elements; dependable, permanent, and always in balance. In this colour scheme, the sky gets its foundation in Friendly Blue – a glorious and energetic colour, like a springtime sky. It really pops against the darker colours in Jungle Crossing. Passionate Warm White, the colour of slow-moving fluffy clouds, keeps the energy calm. And the land, played here by Loving Green, grounds everything, rounding the colours into a playful but harmonious balance.

You can almost taste these colours, can’t you? It throws us back to holiday breakfasts on a balcony, sipping sweet, fresh juice in the morning sun – plotting a day of adventure ahead. Made with Joyful Green, Passionate Teal, and Electric Yellow, this palette is lively and invigorating. Just looking at them on this page fills us with optimism and motivation – and the brightness matches the energy of Jungle Crossing so perfectly. It’s a personal favourite, and we think children who love bold colours will gravitate towards this scheme, too.

By far the most serene and relaxing of all the colour combos, Wild Wilderness evokes memories of forest walks in the autumn, and the smell of the loamy land filling the misty air. Fresh Green, Mellow Green, and Loving Green paint a picturesque landscape that soothes the soul. It’s perfect for a calming bedroom, where the colours of Jungle Crossing can shine brightly and focus your little one into their bedtime routine.

Create a jungle themed bedroom for your little explorers

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Thanks again to the team at YesColours, who are offering the same deal on their paints. Read more about the collaboration on the YesColours blog.

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