Side tables for children's bedrooms

Published by : Paul

We often get asked about the side tables used in both our Treetops and Enchanted Forest bedrooms.

We thought we would put together a short list of side tables that we feel would work perfectly in both the Treetops and Enchanted forest bedrooms.

1.Mitzi from West Elm - This is the side table featured in both our Treetops and Enchanted Forest bedrooms. This is a very stylish metal side table that might have you thinking ‘I might keep this for myself’. Single draw storage
Image copyright of West Elm. 

Side table Habitat

2. Bumble from Habitat - Available in a range of colours. The bumble is a simple side table that would look great against a simple White or Light Oak bed frame. Shelf storage. Image copyright of Habitat

Side table

3. Mera from Made - Mixing up Oak with a Teal this side table would look great against an oak framed bed. 2x draw storage.Image copyright of

4. Vikhammer from Ikea - A simple White side table that would look great paired with a simple White bed frame. The neutral colour gives you the opportunity to paint a bold wall colour behind to offset the furniture. Single draw and shelf for storage. Image copyright of Ikea.

Cato side table from Habitat

5. Cato from Habitat - A simple bedside table available in a variety of colours. Night lights sit simply on top with open shelf storage below. - Image copyright of Habitat.

6. Nikkeby from Ikea - This is one of the bolder looking bedside tables in the collection. This side table would work well offset against a simple light oak bed frame and a complimentary paint shade on the wall behind. Image copyright of Ikea.

Dots side table

7. Dots by Nidi. - A very beautiful looking piece of furniture. Clean simple lines and we love the colour combination offset against the natural wood. This side table is £££. However, for those of you who appreciate the beauty too, we thought we would include it. 
Image copyright of Nidi

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