Origami sock bowling

Published by : Paul

This weeks Adventure Club activity is origami sock bowling. We've created a bowling game with simple origami pins. Each pin when knocked down reveals a number, add the numbers together and write down your score on each go. This activity can be used as a simple addition exercise or simply as a game for fun. We created our pins with a light card, however paper pins will work fine inside the house.

We've supplied the pins all you need to do is print them off, fold them up and find a pair of socks to roll up and bowl.  

Origami bowling pins

If you don't have access to a printer you can always create your own pins. Follow the steps below to fold and create your pins, then add your own details to each one.

Paper bowling pins

Line up your bowling pins, roll up your sock ball and bowl!.

knocked down pins with numbers

When the pins fall they will reveal a number, add the numbers together and write the total number to keep track of your score on each go..

How to fold your pins

How to fold your paper bowling pins


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