Unicorn horn and colour-in activity

Published by : Paul

The illusive Unicorn lives deep in the Enchanted Forest. Each adventurer we've spoken to has described the Unicorn they were lucky to meet. We found each story and Unicorn to be unique. We've created an activity for children to get creative and bring their illusive Unicorn to life with our simple Unicorn horn and colour-in page. To keep things simple we’ve created a Unicorn template you can print off and use, however, if you don't have access to a printer at home you can simply make the first part of the activity about drawing a Unicorn face.

Unicorn template

Things you'll need

Colouring pencils
Card or wrapping paper

Once you've downloaded your Unicorn, its time to bring it to life with colour, a quiet activity where children can sit and colour-in their Unicorn face or as mentioned above, you can always create your own.

How to make your Unicorn horn

You can use a coloured card, a wrapping paper or even draw and create your own pattern if you like.

Let's begin

Step one making a Unicorn horn

Roll your card into a tight cone and tape into place. Aim to get the cone approximately 2.5cm in width at the wide end of the horn if you are using the Unicorn template. If you find the horn is slightly wider, don’t worry, you can always adjust the cut out hole on the template to fit your Unicorn horn.

Step two making a Unicorn horn

Make sure you horn is taped securely and cut your horn straight at the wide end.

Step three making a Unicorn horn

Mark four points around the Unicorn horn (Approx 1cm high).

Step four making a Unicorn horn

Cut along the four lines you've created and fold over the four flaps. Your Unicorn horn is now complete and can be added to the Unicorn template or drawing if you've decided to create your own.

Step four making a Unicorn horn

This part may require a grown-up. You will need to cut out the hole on the template. If your horn is slightly wider you can simply adjust the cut out.

Step five making a Unicorn horn

Place your Unicorn horn through the hole you've created in the step above and tape into place on the reverse. Your Unicorn in complete.

Unicorn horn

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