What do you see at the top of the trees? Children's activity sheet.

Published by : Paul

Branch by branch you spot something new, I spy a dinosaur how about you? Our Treetops children's bedroom was inspired by a world high up above the leaves, a place maybe you discovered yourself climbing trees as child, but a bit like the children of Neverland we all eventually grew up.

We always wanted to leave what children discovered at the top of the trees open to their imagination. Maybe as they reach the top a single tree towers through the canopy with steps all the way to the moon, maybe they spot a distant undiscovered land, a dragon raceway or a Treetop town. We'd love to see what your little ones imagine at the top of the trees?

Our free download and printable Treetop activity sheet can be found here.

Children's single bedding set from Pea - Treetops
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