Bedroom themes for kids

Children's bedding from Pea

Treetops bedroom

Treetops bedroom
Climb into a Treetop bedroom Treetops bedroom

Forest Bedroom 
Explore the Enchanted Forest bedroom  Forest Bedroom 

Forest Bedroom 

Forest Bedroom 
Space Kids bedroom
Space Kids bedroom
Sleep among the stars Space bedroom

“Pea really do pull everything together with maximum impact, zero fuss and no interior qualification necessary”

Junior Magazine

Inspire curiosities 

Exploring the natural world sits at the heart of The Adventure Collection. Inspiring mini explorers to follow their natural curiosities.

Inspire curiosities 
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created for children. Designed for grown ups

Created to inspire, designed for simplicity.

  • Imagination at the heart

    Imaginative play is the magical thinking of childhood. Our themes create a safe and rich environment for children to immerse themselves. By harnessing the power of the imagination, children can springboard into an imaginary world with infinite possibilities, discovering something new every time.

  • Simple to use

    Finding inspiration for children’s interiors is straightforward, but often much more demanding to find what you need and actually bring it to life. That’s why we offer everything in one place and our products come with simple to follow guides making it possible to transform a child’s bedroom with ease.

  • Make it your own

    Our collections are fully customisable, Mix and match products then pick out your child’s favourite colours to accent. To make things easier, we’ve recommended a colour palette to pick from when using our wall stencils and painting the walls. Or apply your own creative flair.

  • Save precious time

    Time is the biggest challenge grown-ups face when it comes to updating children’s bedrooms. That’s why we’ve simplified the process. To make your life as easy as possible, our interiors collections include everything needed to stylishly transform their space. 


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