Space Wall Stickers - Removable and Restickable Space Wall Stickers - Removable and Restickable
Space Wall Stickers - Removable and Restickable Space Wall Stickers - Removable and Restickable
Space Wall Stickers - Removable and Restickable Space Wall Stickers - Removable and Restickable

Space Wall Stickers - Removable and Restickable

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Repositionable wall stickers for kids room
Sticker sets made in the UK

Gaze into the night sky… on your bedroom wall

Create a universe of wonder, with our space wall stickers.

Ever felt like the moon was calling you? Like every crater was full of secrets, just begging to be uncovered? The adventure’s out there. Answer the call – with a space themed bedroom, designed your way.

Help your little astronaut bring their intergalactic stories to life, with these super fun, restickable space wall stickers. Create a sea of stars, traversed by fearless astronauts. Fly them to the moon and beyond, exploring undiscovered worlds in lightning-fast rocket ships.

Pea’s space themed bedroom inspires children to use their imaginations, and tell their own moon landing stories. Our restickable space wall stickers let them create a unique night sky, full of planets and stars, where – just like space itself – the adventure never ends.

Our space wall stickers go perfectly with our stencil-free full moon wall mural design, and our space bedding set. They could even be combined with wall stickers from our Treetops or Enchanted Forest collections, to make new worlds bursting with life beyond – or added to a treetop theme bedroom to build a starlit view from the forest canopy.

Please note – the large moon depicted is painted onto the wall, and is not included as a wall sticker.

Using our space wall stickers

Our space wall stickers were designed to be easy for children to remove and reapply. All you have to do is pick, peel and stick – even grown-ups can manage that!

We’ve used a special low-tack adhesive on the sticky side of our space wall stickers, which makes removing them just as simple. They’re hard wearing but temporary, and they won’t damage your walls, windows, paintwork – or anything else your little space explorers happen to stick them to.

They work best on flat surfaces like painted walls. But remember, they don’t like textiles. When the fuzz and lint from fabrics stick to the adhesive, your wall stickers could stop working. For best results, apply your space wall stickers to a clean, dry surface.

If you’ve just painted your child’s bedroom, it’s best to wait for a minimum of three weeks before using any wall stickers. Even paint that’s been dry for days isn’t fully cured yet, and may not be completely bonded to the wall. Waiting a few weeks just makes sure that your wall stickers won’t damage the paint when removed. And your stickers remain sticky.

Your space wall stickers should last for 2 years when used as advised – but they might need rubbing down every now and then, to refresh their stickiness. If you do need to wipe them down, all you need is a clean, damp cloth. Anything else might mark your wall or damage the stickers.

Safety information

Suitable for ages 3+. We recommend supervised use. Small stickers and torn parts should be kept out of reach of babies and young children as they may cause a choking hazard.

Our wall stickers have been awarded a Class 0 Fire Rating, meaning they provide an additional level of protection for walls and ceilings in public areas that require compliance with strict fire regulations.

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Size and care

Each set includes a pack of two W30cm x H40cm sheets featuring multiple stickers.

See Additional care Information. Made in the UK.

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