Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing
Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing
Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing
Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing
Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing

Jungle Bedding Set - Jungle Crossing

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Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, at Jungle Crossing.

Welcome, little adventurer, to Jungle Crossing – a place of legend, colour, and natural wonder. Birds of paradise call into the thick, warm air as soon as you arrive, and the creatures within stir from their sleep...

As your hands push through the leafy growth, each step forward takes you deeper and deeper into the jungle. Just then, a colourful toucan takes flight, setting off a flurry of scurrying, a rabble of rustling – and a deep, rumbling growl. Could it be the fabled jaguar of Jungle Crossing?

YES! Out they jump with a mighty roar. But don’t worry, this big cat doesn’t want to eat you (everyone knows the jaguars here only eat fish). Instead, this feline will be your guide, to the waterfall and the river beyond, as you bravely cross the jungle until nightfall.

Pushing on by paw and foot, you and your furry companion make your way through the vines, dappled in the droplets of setting sunlight that hang in the misty air. And then, you hear the crashing white waters in the distance. There it is: the waterfall. The biggest test for every adventurer who makes it to Jungle Crossing.

Will you have to fend off the stealthy crocodiles, barter with the mischievous monkeys, or get stuck behind a slowpoke sloth on the canopy walkways? Looks like you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out because the light’s fading fast. Luckily, you’ll have the cosiest, snuggliest place to sleep, in this luxuriously soft jungle bedding set – from Pea.

About our jungle bedding set

Pea’s bedroom themes were designed to inspire stories, like the one you’ve just read – and this jungle bedding set is full of little details to inspire intrepid minds. Feed their imaginations, with a playful design that prompts a new chapter of their story.

Jungle Crossing joins our nature-themed adventure worlds, reimagining the old tales of jungle exploration for a bright new generation.

The vivid colours of our jungle bedding set create a dreamworld of twisted vines and exotic creatures, camouflaged among the flora. Your little one will feel immersed in a rainforest of their own creation, discovering the dense jungle from the comfort of their own bed.

That's the power of imagination.

Inspired by modern pop art and the exotic colours of the rainforest, our jungle bedding set is made of 100% organic cotton percale: GOTS certified, free from any nasties, and created to be gentle on skin. The 200 thread count weave offers superior breathability and comfort.

The pastel shades and rich jewel tones are printed to last, with our rigorous digital printing process that retains our sumptuous cotton’s natural texture, without sacrificing print quality. All of our bedding sets proudly carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 mark, proving safety for babies and young children.

To cut down plastic and single-use packaging, your jungle bedding set comes in a reusable, 100% cotton “Let's Go” drawstring bag – perfect for PE kits, sleepovers, or days at the beach!

Includes pillowcase. Single bed size duvet cover suitable for ages 3 and up. Available in double duvet size – choose option before ordering. Please note, babies under 12 months should use a baby sleeping bag without a pillow.


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